Green Coffee for your Diet

Green coffee is simply in reference to the coffee beans before they are roasted. The green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid because the process of roasting the coffee bean reduces the acid. Many scientists believe that the chlorogenic acid has great health benefits for those looking to help or prevent heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss. It is for this reason that the popularity of the green coffee and green coffee supplements is rising.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage, which is only second to water. Many people feel that they cannot function properly in the morning unless they have a cup of coffee, which might be why there is a sudden increase in research and big consumer interest in green coffee and its health benifits. The popularity of green coffee also grew when Dr. Oz mentioned its health benefits on his popular hit talk show.

In fact Dr. Oz went on the air telling his viewers that green coffee would “burn fat fast” without the need of exercise and dieting. This is a claim that has been backed up by some scientific evidence. The higher chlorogenic acid levels have been known to help the body regulate the body’s blood sugar and how the body metabolizes food and drink.

Another health benefit to green coffee is lowering blood pressure. Many people all over often suffer from high blood pressure and have been made to take medication. Many dislike taking the medication prescribed due to side effects and the increasing costs, which has brought many scientists to look into all natural remedies. The studies have indicated that the higher levels of chlorogenic acid help to affect the blood vessels throughout the body to help reduce high blood pressure, thus causing better heart health.

Although the green coffee is on most people’s radar due to the health benefits it should not be used in place of medication prescribed by the doctor. The doctor should also be informed if you are taking any type of green coffee supplement or if you are making and drinking a lot of coffee beverage with the green coffee beans. The higher levels of chlorogenic acid can interfere with some of the medications that can and will be prescribed by the doctor. It is also not safe to simply take the green coffee supplement to replace high blood pressure medication. You should follow the advice of the doctor to ensure your good health.

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