Health Benefit of Sagely Green Tea

Green Tea is seeped in tradition in Asia where it’s been sought after since ancient times by sages, healers, emperors and commoners alike. Old as the tradition of Green Tea drinking for health is, old age and the ills that come with it finds it, is a major condition which Green Tea appeases. The benefits of the brew does not end there, the list of health wonders inherent of Green Tea seems endless.

Seems the west is only cracking the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering the hidden medicinal benefits of drinking Green Tea, but it’s interesting that in ancient times, it was exclusively consumed for its medicinal value until around the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. when cultivation and processing methods were developed.  Peculiar when you consider that this amazing herbal wonder was gifted to the west from that same mystical far east that gave us MSG. Go figure!

But what are the actual medicinal and health benefits to be found in Green Tea?

Medicinal and Health Benefits of Green Tea

The list of medicinal and health benefits that Green Tea has to offer seem inexhaustible  but lets see how many we can list here.

1.  Super Cancer Fighter

Loaded with antioxidants, Green Tea is 100 times better than vitamin C and 24 times better than vitamin, so you can safely say it’s a super cancer fighter.


2. Prevents Heart Disease & Strokes

Green Tea lower cholesterol levels and so, actively aids in the prevention of heart disease and strokes. After a heart attack, it also speeds up the recovery of heart cells.


3. Ultimate Anti-Aging Potion

Those fabulous antioxidants promote longevity and fight free radicals, a major contributor to premature aging.


4. Prevents and Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis

Green Tea can prevent rheumatoid arthritis and is also effective in reducing the painful symptoms of arthritis sufferers.


5. Fights Osteoporosis

Because Green Tea is high in fluoride, it’s great for bones making them strong and healthy and fortifies against osteoporosis. It holds particular value for bone metabolism and fends off the nasty onset of osteoporosis yet another ill of old age.


6. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking Green Tea improves lipid and glucose metabolism, improves insulin sensitivity, evens out the metabolic rate and prevents sharp increases in blood sugar levels.

These six benefits are only a teaser of the health benefits of Green Tea.

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  1. Great post you have here. I was reading about the Benefits of Green Tea in another article and ended up finding yours for a more detailed analysis of Sage tea specifically. Thanks for the read John, I vastly enjoyed it.

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