Health Benefits of L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is a manmade compound created from lysine and methionine, two amino acids. It is essential to the generation of energy because it aids in the transport of vital fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells as fat is broken down for energy. This is a slightly different process from breaking down carbohydrates for energy and both processes require different compounds to occur. Because it helps to create energy when burning fat, this is a favorite supplement for people currently exercising or trying to lose weight some other way. It is great for these purposes but also good for a few other things too.

By increasing your metabolism in general, L-Carnitine does help you to burn sugars off as well, though it does far more for getting rid of excess fat. It is available widely in powder form and can be mixed into whatever food you’re eating or drink you’re enjoying. It is easily digested by the body and it begins to work immediately, giving results you can actually feel in the form of increased energy and awareness. Because it helps so much to get rid of fat, this compound also has another, indirect benefit, which is helping to create new muscle mass.

There are two different types of amino acids; essential and non-essential. While this compound does provide some serious health benefits, it is by no means necessary to life. Your life will certainly be improved by adding this to it, however. Bodybuilders everywhere clamor over how it helped them to bulk up quickly, though such testimony should be taken with a grain of salt. Nobody just builds muscle – there’s a lot of hard work and exercise involved, even when strong supplements are used. There are so many benefits to this stuff just about everyone should be using it.

Carnitine can be naturally synthesized by the body, but it will never be present in the amounts you could get by taking L-Carnitine as a supplement to whatever nutrition you’re already getting. Unlike high doses of certain vitamins or minerals, there don’t seem to be any harmful side effects to the mega dosages of Carnitine which come from such supplements. Since one of the best natural sources for Carnitine happens to be red meat, you may be better off getting it through a pill or powder form anyhow; all the Carnitine with none of the cholesterol.

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