Health Care Data Portability

Health Care Data Portability

At times patients experience frustrating limits when it comes to sharing health care records with doctors or specialists outside of their health care network, or having immediate access to their records.  There is currently a growing demand for record portability, and therefore health care providers may begin to move in that direction.  It is a necessary development that should be made in health care. 

There are important advantages to having patient health care records be portable, and it would directly benefit the patient to have this portability eventually become a reality.

Advantages of Portable Health Care Records:

  • Doctors can know results of your tests immediately
  • Taking records with you would help to prevent negative drug interactions
  • Having your records with you could prevent duplicate tests

In his article on this topic, Vince Kuraitis expresses hope regarding this goal of portable records stating, “I believe we will see the mindset difference begin to enter health care – where data portability and open HIT will become viewed as competitive advantage, rather than disadvantage.”  The competition between health care networks should yield better service for patients, and portable records would provide significant advantages for patients who take an active role in protecting their health.


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