Healthcare Professionals Recommend Supplements for Weight Loss

 Dieting and Supplements

Most healthcare professionals view diet, exercise and lifestyle changes as the primary components of effective weight loss, however, many also believe that taking dietary supplements can be an important part of effective weight management plan. 

This past October, the company InterHealth Nutraceuticals revealed the results of a recent survey of 45 individuals in the field of health care.  (InterHealth Nutraceuticals researches and develops specialty nutritional ingredients which they sell to dietary supplement manufacturers worldwide.)  The company found that 88% of those surveyed consider supplementation to be one of the many factors involved in successfully managing weight

Surgery is considered by many doctors to be a last resort for weight loss, and patients are urged to diet and exercise in addition to adjusting lifestyle choices as necessary.  However the survey revealed that 82% of the health care professionals also currently recommend supplements to their patients to aid weight loss



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  1. It’s encouraging to see that an increasing amount of health care professionals are becoming knowledgeable about natural supplements and are recommending them. What with our foods being so over-processed and striped of many of their nutrients these days, it’s difficult if not impossible to get all the required nutrients for good health from diet alone. Surgery should indeed be a last resort as it is a life altering decision.

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