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The FDA is at it again and is out to remove your access to food supplements if you don’t stand up and act right away. The FDA believes new dietary supplements must be regulated just like synthetic food preservatives.

The FDA proposes to mandate extensive testing on these supplements,  which would be impossible for any natural product manufacturer to afford,  and your daily supplements could easily become high priced drugs.

There is no rational basis for the FDA to institutes this policy on the basis of the safety record of nutritional supplements. Note, however that the pharmaceutical industry would benefit immensely if these policies were in place.

Prices of supplements will rise dramatically if this is allowed and many common supplements will just disappear altogether.

What Can You Do?

  • First go to Life Extension’s website to read more.
  • Petition the FDA with this sample letter.
  • Print out letter and add your own words if you’d like. Fax to 301-443-9767.
  • Call FDA at 888-723-9767 and read the petition to the personnel at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements.
  • Most importantly act now. Please read Life Extension’s website so you are fully aware.

Thank you for helping WebVitamins and Life Extension to protect your access to your dietary supplements.

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John Montague DC is the owner of WebVitamins. He is active in the industry and is currently president of the NPA East.


  1. First of all, what does FDA stands for? Second, I hope this FDA sees the effect they will bring if supplements are regulated.

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