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Holistically Balanced™  Process Mirrors Mother Nature (Part 2)

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Continued from  Ellen Kamhi RN PhD

Holistically Balanced™ defines the philosophy of Nature’s Answer. For maximum health benefits herbal extracts should keep as many of the natural components found in the plant in the same ratios as they appear in nature. Due to the plants chemical complexity, it is unknown how components within a plant work in harmony to provide a specific physiological effect. Although a component may have been recognized as being a key to the herb’s medicinal effect such as hypericin in St. John’s Wort this is often not the entire story as we may be unaware of the roles of other components and their contributions to the known standardized active ingredient in producing a complete positive effect. For example, researchers are now claiming that Hyperforin, or a combination of Hyperforin and Hypericin is ultimately ideal! If we believe that nature’s knows best, maintaining the Holistic Balance will produce the most powerful outcomes while supporting maximum safety.

Ratios of Herbal Extracts

Extract strength is often expressed as a ratio. When reading the label on herbal products, you will notice the ratios expressed as two numbers inside a parenthesis, such as (1:10) or (12:1). This number expresses the ratio of plant material (by weight) to solvent (by volume) so that the higher the first number, the stronger the extract. When using natural solvents, the best ratio would be (1:1). Several companies are now expressing ratios of a much higher number. Take the example of Astragalus (12:1), anything over (1:1) indicates that additional ingredients have been added besides the holistically balanced components as they exist in nature. In order to achieve higher ratios, a chemical solvent is often used such as hexane or benzene. Nature’s Answer in their processing of herbs will only use pure natural solvents such as water or alcohol that ends with a product that is Holistically Balanced™ with a proper ratio of all naturally occurring plant components.

Herbs have been utilized as medicine for thousands of years long before any standardization process. Standardization can be used as a modern guideline, while continuing to honor the whole plant concept of Holistically Balanced™.

The great thing about the Nature’s Answer® brand is that they combine the best of both worlds, using the highest level of scientific testing to confirm that every herbal product in their line is Holistically Balanced™, as well as providing specific formulas at guaranteed potencies in selected supplements.

Knowing the difference between standardized and non-standardized, or Holistically Balanced™ helps provides you with vital information to make an informed purchasing decision.

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  1. I hope Nature’s Answer continues providing balanced herbal products. Knowing that a company or brand follows the standards for their products gives the buyer a safe feeling.

  2. Will have to try products of Nature’s Anwer. If it’s holistically balanced as it says it does, it is beneficial for us.

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