HoneyBee Gardens Fabulous Quality Natural Cosmetics

Fabulous Quality Natural Cosmetics: HoneyBee Gardens

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HoneyBee Gardens has created a line of pure, all-natural cosmetics made from top quality organic ingredients that are designed to promote your natural beauty. With a variety of colors in lipsticks, eye liners, mascaras, eye shadows, and nail enamel, and wonderful products that enhance natural beauty, there is a perfect match for everyone.

HoneyBee Gardens Eye Shadow

HoneyBee Gardens’ versatile eye shadows allow you to customize your look with everything from a very natural hint of color to dramatic, glamorous full coverage.  The powders are made with a blend of pure, uncoated mineral pigments and oxidized mica and they are free from unnecessary fillers and preservatives. They are totally vegan and do not contain dyes, lakes, carmine, FD&C colors, fragrance, talc, parabens, or other potentially harmful substances. The natural pigments add a hint of shimmer for truly beautiful results. 

Other Uses for HoneyBee Gardens Eye Shadow Powders:

  • Some colors can also be used as blush
  • Mix with a little water to create a liquid eyeliner
  • Add powder to a clear lip gloss to make a custom lip shimmer
  • Add to clear nail polish for a hint of custom nail color

HoneyBee Gardens also offers natural mascaras and eyeliners that are especially gentle and well-suited to sensitive eyes.  They are long-lasting and the mascaras are clump free.  Easy to apply, water resistant, and lightweight, these products are wonderful alternatives to mascaras that are made with harsher ingredients. 

HoneyBee Gardens Natural Powder Foundations

HoneyBee Gardens powder foundations are talc free, paraben free, fragrance free, and oil free, so they are ideal even for the most sensitive skin.  These foundations leave a natural, silky finish while evening out skin tone and calming skin with vitamin E and botanical extracts. 

With these natural foundations, you can adjust the coverage to suit your needs, and the finish is never heavy or cakey.  The foundation is ideal for wearing on bare, clean skin, or it can be worn over liquid foundation to reduce shine and refine the finish.  Apply the powder with the sponge applicator provided, or use a HoneyBee Gardens professional quality make-up brush.   Brushes are available to provide the smoothest application of these high-quality mineral powders. 

Nail Polish

HoneyBee Gardens has created unique, water-based nail polish that is completely free of odors, so there are no harsh fumes.  Since the nail polish is water based, it can be removed with rubbing alcohol so it is not necessary to use nail polish remover.  Choose from a variety of great colors and find the long-lasting color that’s right for you. 

With a full cosmetic line of safe, natural products that enhance natural beauty, HoneyBee Gardens provides a solution for many women who want natural, paraben-free products but do not want to sacrifice quality.  These products are some of the most natural looking cosmetics available as they perfectly complement skin tone and texture while providing the right amount of coverage.  Check out the full product line today!

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