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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a particularly interesting subject for Reviva Labs. Back in 1986, when Reviva Labs was the first in Health Food Stores to introduce products which incorporated Hyaluronic acid, we named the product InterCell. Why?

So at the time we tried to make intercellular and intercell prominent rather than HA in our then new INTERCELL NIGHT GEL and DAY CREAM.
Another factor back in’86 was that our Intercell formula also included an  important new antioxidant called glycogen, so we tried to explain both HA and glycogen(We’ll say more about glycogen later).

Of course now that HA is so popular, our focus is on HA in the day an night InterCell packages. More recently, we introduced higher potency Hyaluronic Acid Serum in a 1 oz. bottle and our 10 pack Ampule box. The Serum has become our biggest selling HA product.

So now let’s explain why HA is one of the most important ingredients in skin care. HA is the intercellular gel that acts like a molecular sponge.. It absorbs and stores water from the liquids we drink and feeds moisture to skin cells via osmosis. But as we age, sun and polllution’s free radicals damage and diminish HA and skins ability to retain sufficient water. With HA loss and the intercellular matrix inability to hold adequate water, skin becomes dry and rough and can eventually lead to wrinkles. Feeding skin topical HA in our creams and serums helps “bind” and add moisture to skin’s top layers. Most moisturizers feel good upon application but wear off in minutes; they don’t bind moisture. And HA moisture retention happens in any kind of weather – because it doesn’t depend on moisture in the atmosphere. It holds intercellular water from the liquids we drink. (As you know we should drink 6-8 glasses of liquids a day.)

ABOUT GLYCOGEN In the 1990”s, it appears only Reviva Labs and Estee Lauder’s “Prescriptives” promoted antioxidant Glycogen. An oyster extract, one scientist said glycogen works to neutralize free radicals before they attack HA by forming a bullet proof” film around skin cells. Glycogen is unheard of these days, but is an added plus to Hyaluronic Acid in the InterCell Gel and cream formulas.

FOR SKIN MOISTURE THERE IS NO INGREDIENT MORE POWERFUL THAN HYALURONIC ACID When treating moisture -dry skin, skin care pros (aestheticians) look to hyaluronic acid.

And Dermatologists are injecting HA under the trade name “Restylane” to replace lost moisture and plump up skin tissue to fill in age lines, even scars. and give skin a softer,smoother texture.

Reviva Intercell Day CreamINTERCELL DAY CREAM Not only adds moisture to skin, but offers daytime protection against pollution an free radicals.

reviva Intercell Night CreamINTERCELL night gel Is absorbed deeper than day cream for stronger hydration.and with glycogen helps combat intercellular aging.
HYALURONIC ACID SERUMHYALURONIC ACID SERUM Higher potency HA than cream. Quickly absorbed,it makes excellent catalyst under other types of anti-aging creams
HA AMPULESHA AMPULES (10pk) Our highest potency HA ! Suggested use is one week per month. Lyophilized (Freeze dried) HA extract in glass ampule.The closest a cosmetic can come to dermatologists’ injection of “Restylane”

And a final note: Regarding HA’s relationship to collagen for skin moisture. Collagen controls the water inside the cells and is the water content of skins elastic fibres. But HA is the water reservoir outside the cells. Yep. skin isn’t simple. 

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