Is Your Thyroid Making You Anxious?

Wanted to Know: Hyperthyroidism or Anxiety?

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Hyperthyroidism is when the body makes too much thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is very potent and can strike away almost every organ in the body. It affects the body’s metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, muscle strength and digestive course.

Symptoms would be rapid heart rate, diarrhea,and tremors and they would feel edgy, short-tempered and tired. Although Hyperthyroidism would seem to appear primarily as anxiety and could trigger one but it is unlikely to cause Hyperthyroidism.

Many of these symptoms overlie with traces of anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety also experience increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, weakness and fatigue, as well as nervousness and irritability.

Nevertheless, these symptoms would make Hyperthyroidism a more positive diagnosis compared to Anxiety disorder such as; abrupt weight loss, abnormal heart rhythms,increased sensitivity to heat,swelling or lumps in the area of your thyroid,differences in your skin or hair,increased appetite, jutting of your eyes or vision changes.

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