Jade Yoga Mat, Natural Rubber is Better

I find floor work for yoga or other exercise to be pretty difficult on hard floors. Over the years I’ve tried a number of different brands and have found that many of them have different qualities that were lacking. Many did have enough cushioning for me to be happy. Others were just a bit too slippery. I really wasn’t happy till I tried the Jade Yoga Mat. My wife and I both use one now and we’ve given one to all our family that do yoga and they all love them.

Jade is different as it is made from real rubber trees. That makes the matt very ecofriendly as they are from a renewable resource. Even the packaging is on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink. There is very little waste in the packaging. The mat also contains absolutely no PVC.

What I love about it is even when my hands and palms get a little sweaty I don’t slip on it. Being made from natural rubber gives it a great deal of grip on both my hands and feet. It also doesn’t slip on the hard wood floor.   The mat has an open cell design that really gives the mat a great deal of gripping power.

The Jade Yoga Mat while not too thick also gives superior cushioning compared to other mats. I really find it comfortable to lie on.

Please note that if you have latex allergies this isn’t the mat for you as it may contain latex.

WebVitamins is offering two different specials on Jade Yoga Mats. Please note that the pink yoga mat is in limited supply and 5 dollars of the purchase of the pink mat goes to support breast cancer research.

Save 10% on Jade Yoga Mat till Aug 31 2011 Coupon Code: JADEMAT

Save 20% on Jade Pink Yoga Mat till Aug 31 2011 or we run out. Limited Quantities Coupon Code: JADEPINK

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  1. Ooohhh.. I’d love to see this. I’m very much into yoga, and I have a very similar problem with my yoga mats. When my hands sweat, I usually slip and this is very uncomfortable, if not dangerous, when performing yoga. I’m saving the coupon code here. Will check this out later.

  2. My friend also recommends Jade Yoga mat . I think it is about time to try it myself.

  3. I love the fact that its made from organic material. Plus, they are using recycled paper in the packaging.

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