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I remember, as a young boy, helping my uncles plant potatoes one year on my grandfather’s farm. Like most plants, potatoes require special care and knowledge to harvest and store quality produce. Potatoes don’t ripen in the first two weeks of time, but require 6 weeks to 8 months before you can harvest them. Once harvested, the potatoes had to be packed and stored immediately to ensure they stayed fresh. Grandfather made sure that we left no potato behind.

Potatoes, like many other crops, come in many different varieties with varying maturing periods and climate requirements. Maine, where I live, grows smaller potatoes while Idaho grows larger ones. Location, climate, and soil all make a difference on the outcome of plants.

Half a world away from Maine, in the distinct climates of southern Asia, the same holds true for the natural herb, Andrographis paniculata. Harvesting of the herb must be timed carefully– picked at its peak before the plant’s flower blooms – or the herb will lose its nutrition and become inactive.

Harvested and cut like wheat, the plant must be packed, stacked, and stored in a cool, dry place immediately after harvesting. Like a potato, the herb can’t just be left on the ground for long, but must be carefully packaged and stored. After harvesting, the herb is tested for the presence of its active ingredient, andrographolides, and then makes the first leg of their long journey to the US. 

Because of higher extraction standards under Europe’s Greater Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the herb is shipped to a European laboratory for extraction. Here, the herb is tested again to ensure that it contains at least 4% of its active ingredient, andrographolides. After thorough testing, the herbs receive a certificate of analysis and begin a long boat ride to the US.

Once in the US, the herbs are tableted, blistered, and boxed. Once again, the tablets are tested to ensure sufficient presence of andrographolides (the active ingredient). Then, the tablets are sealed into blisters and finally packed into Kold Kare boxes. Blisters, rather than bottles, are chosen to pack the supplements in because they tend to keep the herbs fresher, among other reasons. Like my uncles’ potatoes, our Andrographis is held to the highest standards to ensure the best possible quality of our  final supplement, Kold Kare.

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  1. The government should take note of these kind of research. We have lots of products that could be beneficial for us and yet we don’t know its capacity or capability.

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