L-methylfolate may work better than anti-depressants

Depression can happen to anybody due to emotional or physical or psychological stress. In medical science, doctors have often searched for an anti-depressant that works effectively and reduces the risk of a relapse. In more ways, the solution has been found in medical food or a form of folic acid called Deplin.

Deplin consists 7.5 mg to 15 mg of L-methyfolate which the doctor prescribes depending on the patient’s condition. L-methyfolate is an active configuration of folate that becomes necessary for patients if they are unable to produce it own their own due to a genetic condition or external factors. L-methyfolate enables the body to produce important neurotransmitters that related to the moods such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

Usually, folate is found in leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip or in nuts or in certain fruits such as oranges. Since a folate is a water-soluble construct of Vitamin 9, it must be digested and processed before it is used by the body. Interestingly, folate is broken down after the body goes through different processes to make it easy to consume. The real benefit of folate is when it turns into L-methylfolate.

L-methyfolate manages the mood swings in the body as it transverses the barrier of the blood so that if the brain is deficient of this component, then it will connect with the neurotransmitters, thereby creating a change in the mood. Many studies have shown that nearly 70% people going through depression are short of MTHFR polymorphism, which curtails the body from converting the folate into L-methyfolate.

Doctors mostly prescribe Deplin as a dietary suppliment for depression. Since the L-methylfolate levels are imbalanced, the normal food needs the extra support of Deplin as it regularises the L-methylfolate in the body. It provides the brain with the surplus amount of the L-methylfolate so that it can work as an anti-depressant in the body.

If the brain has limited supply of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, it affects the chemical reactions in the body. This results in mood swings which are deprressive symptoms like indifference, lack of sleep, feeling low, self pity and poor appetite. Doctors prescribe L-methylfolate in the form of Deplin along with anti-depressants. While the anti-depressants will fuel the neurotransmitters, L-methylfolate will even out the folate levels in the body to lift the mood and make the patient fluid.

It is necessary that L-methylfolate in the form of Deplin must be taken on the advised by the doctor as a necessary medical food in addition with the anti-depressants.

L-methylfolate is also available in non-prescription form in dosages of 1000 mcg.

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