Lactobacillus is Helpful for Smokers?

Is there a bacteria or probiotic that reduces risk factors in smokers?

A study in the American Journal of clinical Nutrition in 2002 took at look at the above question to find out the answer. The bacteria used was Lactobacillus plantarum 299v also known as Lp299v. L. plantarum 299v discovered at Lund University where it was found to be the strain that was most successful at implanting in the intestinal mucosa. L. plantarum 299v was patented in the US in 1995 by Probi AB.

The study looked at 36 men and women ages 35-45 who were current smokers using a randomized double blind trail. The study was done over a 6 week period of time. The test group took 2 billion CFUs of L. plantarum 299v daily in a drink. Neither the test group nor control group suffered significant side effects.

A significant reduction in systolic blood pressure was noted between the two groups with the group receiving the L. plantarum 299v averaging 13 mm Hg lower than the control group. The experimental group also found that there were reductions in LDL, interluken 6 and fibrinogen. The test group also had an increase in HDL of about 10%. These changes appear to be the results of L. plantarum 299v’s anti-inflammatory properties.

The study concludes that L. PLANTARUM 299V “may contribute significantly to prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders in smokers.”

In countries such as the USA we often have a deficiency of acidophilus due to our stress levels, antibiotic usage and processed foods without bacteria fermentation. I’ve found that this bacteria to be helpful in the treatment of certain patients inflammation especially intestinal inflammation. Certainly if you are a smoker or know a smoker they should be taking L. plantarum 299v to help prevent metabolic smoking disorders.  Has your doctor prescribed it to you yet?

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  1. Good article. I don’t smoke but my father is a hard smoker. I might just have to ask him to drink yakult which is rich in probiotics or lactobacillus.

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