Lavender and Its Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of lavender?


When most people picture lavender in their minds, they visualize a light purple blossom that is perfectly accented with an amazing fragrance which could be why lavender bath salts are so popular. The blooms range from light yellow to dark purple and the plant is not a flower but rather an herb that is loaded with a multitude of healing benefits.Aside from the unparalleled spectacular smell, there are actually a few other benefits that are received from using lavendar bath salts. Soaking in a warm bathtub of lavender bath salts calms your nerves, relaxes sore and aching muscles and improves circulation. They also open your pores to naturally lift away impurities by removing sweat, dirt and toxins. Lavender bath salts also relieve irritations that are caused from minor rashes and bug bites and can ease other skin conditions as well. Additionally, these aromatic salts relieve stress as well as pain that is associated with arthritis.


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