Leucine to Help Prevent Muscle Wasting

Leucine: A Practical Solution for Muscle Wasting


Researchers say that the amino acid Leucine is a practical and cost-effective way to do away with muscle wasting in patients that are bed-bound. According to Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones, the amino acid could be of use to hospitals and nursing homes, as it can even be beneficial to patients who are still physically active. L-Leucine is a major component of the buffer proteins ferritin, and astacin. Ferritin is a kind of protein found in cells that stores iron and releases it in a limited way. It is called a buffer protein because it protects the body when it is deficient in iron or when it has reached iron toxicity level.


Find out more about this: http://mobile.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Leucine-A-practical-solution-for-muscle-wasting

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