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The Start of Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger’s roots go back to 1927 when P.S. Harris, an amateur scientist, and popular barber inKansas City,Missouri, created a tonic for the hair and scalp in his basement. He called it Lucky Tiger Tonic. Everyone who visited P.S.’s Barbershop would look forward to their shave, haircut and a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Tonic. It was different and better than other tonics used in those days, and customers from miles around would rave about its soothing effect.  As the story goes, P.S.- began to sell the tonic out of his shop, and a few years later, a business associate convinced him that his special tonic would be a big hit in barbershops across the country.  So, in 1935, Lucky Tiger was trademarked, and a classic American brand was officially born.

By the time the early 1950′s rock n’ rolled around, Lucky Tiger Tonic was the most popular barbershop brand acrossAmerica. Lucky Tiger provided confidence to American men, young and old. As hairstyles changed and the “rebel” look began to reflect the times, Lucky Tiger was there to give guys that sultry, just right flip as dictated by the heroes of the day: Dean Martin, James Dean, Brando and Elvis.

The 50′s and early 60′s were a great time for Lucky Tiger but then in 1964 the Beatles hit our shores from Liverpool, Englandand changed pop culture and the look of young Americaovernight. With the arrival of the Beatles and the hippie movement of the late 60′s that followed, men’s hair styles grew longer and more casual, and the Barber industry was forever changed.

Even so, Lucky Tiger maintained a fiercely loyal following and it is with great respect to those customers that the original products are still available today. We call these products our “Barbershop Classics.” 

As times change,  hairstyles and grooming needs do, too.  In celebration of Lucky Tiger’s 75th anniversary in 2010, we introduced our “Lucky Tiger Premium” men’s line of shaving, facial skin care and body care products. Each product in this new, reformulated and expanded line is made with the highest quality, Certified Organic ingredients to promote a natural, healthy look for today’s discerning man. The Lucky Tiger Premium line, with its retro look, natural organic ingredients and antioxidants, offers every man the products he needs to look his best at a moment’s notice.

Here are some of our top grooming tips to help make you a lucky tiger:

  • Always use a sharp razor blade and discard old blades after 4-5 uses. You might think this is excessive, but dull blades force men to go over the same area of skin again and again, increasing the chances of irritation and improperly cutting hair. This goes for electric razors, too: replace the blades after every few months of use.
  • Reduce your number of shaves by shaving every other day. Giving the skin time to heal will allow hairs to grow straight through the skin’s surface, without forcing too-short hairs back into the skin. Frequent shaving too close to the skin will trap hairs inside the follicles.
  • Exfoliate! Exfoliating with a gentle scrub.  The scrub removes the top layer of dead cells and allows hairs to grow out more easily. It also helps soften skin, clears pores and evens out patchy skin tones.
  • Many men benefit from using a single-blade razor. The closer the shave, the worse the razor bumps will be.”
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth. While shaving upward seems to give a closer shave, shaving in the hair’s direction reduces irritation and the likelihood of hairs growing back into the skin. Don’t pull skin taut when shaving since this can also cause ingrown hairs to form.
  • Soften hairs before shaving by massaging warm water into the beard area. Allow shave cream to sit on the face for a minute or two to completely coat hairs before shaving.
  • Most importantly, take your time when shaving. Everyone’s been guilty of the 30-second shave on Monday morning, but shaving slowly and with care can dramatically reduce nicks, cuts and abrasions that can aggravate razor bumps.

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