Lutein and Luteins Effect in Healthy Vision

Lutein is often thought of as the eye supplement. Lutein is often found with zeaxanthin and both are carotenoid pigments. These pigments are very important as they are found in both the macula and the retina of the eye, where their function is to filter blue light and help protect the surrounding tissue from light damage. Lutein and zeaxanthin also function as antioxidants in both the macula and the retina to help protect the tissue from damage.

Lutein is not only found in the eyes but concentrations in breast tissue also are effected by diet. It may be protective of breast tissue through its antioxidant activity. Lutein also is shown to help reduce ultra violet ration injury. So high blood levels may be helpful in the summer sun.

However lutein is best known for helping protect the eyes from age related injuries and degeneration.

You can increase dietary lutein by eating green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. Kale has the highest concentration with 44 mg per cup of cooked kale, Spinach has a concentration of 26 mg per cup and broccoli has 3 mg per cup. If you are taking supplements of lutein the the best way to absorb the supplement and increase blood concentration is to take the supplement with a fatty meal. Lutein is best absorbed with other fats.

Lutein is a safe and easy to take one-a-day supplement to help support healthy vision. Supplementation of 6-10 mgs a day is usually enough to help support healthy vision. We recommend anyone with a family history of vision difficulties use lutein as support for their eyes.

While many multiple vitamins state they have lutein, make sure that you read the label as many only have .25mg in a daily dose. Not enough to give you any real benefit.

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  1. My sister should be taking this supplement. She has eye problems since she was a kid. We always make her eat squash since they say it’s healthy for the eyes. Now there’s a supplement that could help.

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