Lyme Disease Part 2

From yesterday’s blog on Lyme you can see that the ISDA basically concluded that chronic Lyme disease doesn’t exist and can be treated by 28 days or less of antibiotic treatment. This was a boon to insurance companies who paid out for people on IV antibiotics. A lot of money was saved in insurance payouts; however there are many people who abandoned by the guidelines.

If you read their Q & A’s on the IDSA website you’ll notice they say, “Sometimes, the belief that a treatment is helping can be enough to make people feel better. This is called the placebo effect and it is a well-documented medical phenomenon”.  Now chronically ill patients are left feeling like their symptoms are all psychosomatic and the problem is all in their head. Sound a lot like how fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients used to be treated. Because doctors are familiar with the guidelines the doctors themselves think the patient is “a little crazy”. For the patient who suffer and continues to suffer they feel disconnected from their doctor.

Honestly doctors are more than a little afraid to treat Lyme disease aggressively. Many of the best doctors have been put out of business by the state medical boards due to complaint filed against them not by their patients but by their doctors. Funny that we will go after doctors for prescribing antibiotics and still allow the drug mill doctors to practice and prescribe opiates.

As a result we notice a lot of doctors appear to miss the symptoms and then people go on to develop later stages of the disease. Many doctors will only use the criteria the CDC uses from reporting to diagnoses the disease.  This means a lot of people who could be helped early by antibiotics are in much greater danger of progressing and developing late states of Lyme which can be very treatment resistant. I’ve heard doctors even refuse to test patients with Lyme symptoms saying that they because they didn’t have a rash they couldn’t have Lyme.  Let’s not forget that it is very hard to see a rash on the back of your leg or on the top of your head. I’ve had dogs develop the rash and it is very hard to see under their hair. The deer tick is small and the nymphs even smaller. It is quite possible to have a tick bit and not see a rash.

Lyme Disease Day 3

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  1. I can’t believe some doctors could be so careless as to not diagnosing the symptoms of Lyme early on. I mean, what’s the use of being a doctor if he or she can’t prevent an illness into going to a late stage.

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