Magnesium and Bone Density

Magnesium Intake, Absorption Significantly Associated With Bone Density In Children

As a parent, you want your child to build a strong body and proper growth. You ensure that your child has enough milk and proteins so that the overall development of your child is good. However, there is one more nutrient that is required to ensure that the body’s bone health is strong and that is magnesium. Most parents forget the role of magnesium as they feel that calcium is sufficient for the bone density in the child’s body.

If the level of magnesium is appropriate then the child will not have too many cases of fractures and ostreoposis during his adulthood. Interestingly, a child’s bone density grows he is young as there is less scope of wear and tear. The bone mass in the child’s body reaches its limits when the child hits his youth. The bone tissues are strong and the bone mass is firm in the youth’s body.

However, if the level of magnesium is low, then the bone will remain weak as the bone formation is incomplete. It will hamper the process of growth for the body and your child may have a stunted growth.

According to a recent research done by Pediatric Academic Societies revealed that even though calcium is important for the body, it may not play a significant role as magnesium in the body. The study also clarified that magnesium as a nutrient was essential for the developing of a strong bone in a child’s body.

During the research, 63 undernourished children participated between the age group of four to eight years and were given the same levels of calcium and magnesium. After the treatment, it was found that the amount of magnesium taken became the key marker for the density of the bone rather than the calcium levels. The study indicated that magnesium is crucial for the development of a child’s growth.

Children should be given rice, wheat and oats as it has nearly 200% of daily value in your calorie diet. If your child is magnesium deficient, then you could try pumpkin seeds which as 47.7% DV of magnesium or Spinach which as 39.1%. When you are giving food to your children always ensure that there is proper mix of minerals, proteins and carbohydrates as it is necessary for children to have a wholesome meal at regular intervals through the day. Ensuring that the food is magnesium rich will reduce the risk of future accidents of broken bones.

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