Making the Most of Your Moisturizer

How to Get the Last Bit of Moisturizer Out of the Bottle

With the ongoing global financial crisis today, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their budget.When it comes to budgeting, us women have a little more extra to set aside for other than our food, rent and so on – our beauty products. Yes, as annoying as that may sound to others, a budget for beauty products is a must for most women. One of the beauty products that you should never run out on is your moisturizer. But given the cost of moisturizer these days, it’s quite prudent make the most of what you had paid for by making sure that you get even the last bit of moisturizer left in the bottle. But sometimes this can be very frustrating to do especially if you see that very last drop at the bottom of the bottle and you just can’t take it out. Here’s an eHow article that will show you exactly how this can be done!


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