Medical Foods the Modern Approach to Inflammation

UltraInflamX Medical Food Modern Approach to Inflammation

What is a medical food?

Medical foods are formulated to help specifically manage specific diseases or conditions. UltraInflamX is formulated specifically to help support those patients with IBD and other types of inflammation. Medical foods contain greater concentrations of nutrients than natural foods to help your body recover.

How does the UltraInflamX program work?

The program is a 25 day program consisting of 2 phases. The first phase is day’s 1-7 which you eliminate potential allergens in the diet. The second phase is days 8-25 where you follow a recommended dietary program along with two servings of medical food per day. After the 25 day program you start phase 3 introducing the foods that aren’t on dietary plan.

Each bottle of UltraInflamX comes with a program guide and also you can talk to John Montague DC about any problems you are having with your program. Give it a try today.


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About John Montague DC

John Montague DC is the owner of WebVitamins. He is active in the industry and is currently president of the NPA East.


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