Mediterranean Diet May Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Mediterranean Diet May Counter Genetic Risk of Stroke


The Mediterranean diet is composed mainly of two kinds of foods – olive oil and nuts. And a recent study linked olive oil and nuts to reduced stroke risk among older people who are also at risk of diabetes. Furthermore, the study suggests that the diet may also lower one’s risk of diabetes, which is most likely the reason why it can potentially reduce the risk of stroke among the elderly. The Mediterranean diet is widely popular in Greece, Spain and southern Italy as it is believed to have helped people lower their risks for heart diseases and certain kinds of cancer. On the other hand, Dr. Robert Eckel, a professor of medicine and director of the Clinical and Translational Research Centers Network at the University of Colorado, explains that while the findings of this study is useful, the researchers are yet to determine the link between genetics and the a person’s potential risk of diabetes and stroke.


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