Mental Fatigue Burning You Out?

Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue is the result of too much brain-activity, which causes the brain cells to become exhausted.
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NO exercise, NO healthy meals, not getting enough sleep BUT working overtime?

If you are in this situation for a week or longer, then you are apt to experience mental fatigue. The good news is that it’s not a disease, however the bad news is, mental fatigue can have a devastating effect in your wellness and whole being.

Mental fatigue is the result of too much brain-activity, which causes the brain cells to become exhausted. In simple analogy, it is like being physically tired in response to over-activity.

Common Causes of Mental Fatigue

  • Restlessness can play a vital factor in provoking mental fatigue. Generally, an average eight hours of sleep is very important to help the body recovers its lost energy, especially the brain which mainly runs all its businesses.
  • Having no time for physical exercise can be the result of modern living, where elevators have replaced the use of stairs and gadgets have lessened our time for physical activities (Why run the mile, if I can play games on my iPhone?). Exercising helps our heart pump more blood to the brain; the blood carries oxygen which helps our brain cells do their job effectively.
  • Too much pressure emotionally, intellectually, or psychologically can have a devastating effect in our brain. It produces lack of concentration, which leads to life-threatening situations like car accidents and other work related accidents.
  • Having poor diet is normal these days with fast foods so prevalent.  As work loads are  getting more demanding than before, the result is not having enough time left for preparing healthy meals at home.
  • Dehydration can make the brain really exhausted, for our body is made up of 60% water, while our brain contains 70% water.
  • Your medical history has something to do with mental fatigue; such as giving birth, having undergone surgery, bereavement, etc…
 Combat Mental Fatigue 

Constant mental fatigue can damage your health and well being in the long run. Stop it before it’s too late. Here some good ways to combat mental fatigue:

  • Choose to eat healthy foods. Healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes can be a good alternative to fatty foods.
  • Exercise at least twenty minutes a day (just in case you’re really busy).
  • Create a regular sleeping pattern for yourself. Stop drinking caffeinated drinks after six o’clock in the evening, for it fires up caffeine to the brain making you feel energized even after bed time. 
  • Be assertive – if you cannot really do the job, learn to say no. This will save you from too much thinking, stress and restlessness.
  • Be a water lover and bring your water bottle with you all the time. Make it a point to sip from your bottle several times during the day. For variety you can try juice or eating fruits high in water content. 






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