Monolaurin and Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System with Monolaurin


Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, including a substance known as lauric acid. Sourced from lauric acid, a natural remedy known as monolaurin is often touted as a natural solution for stimulating your immune system and staving off disease. Found in human breast milk as well, monolaurin is also said to knock out the viruses that cause common ailments like colds and flu. While some preliminary research indicates that monolaurin may offer infection-fighting benefits, it’s too soon to recommend monolaurin for better immune defense. For help in strengthening your immune function, make sure to get your fill of immune-boosting foods. Keeping your stress in check, getting sufficient sleep, and working out regularly can also help shore up your immune system. What’s more, some studies suggest that taking supplements containing probiotics (a type of beneficial bacteria) may enhance immunity.

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