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Allergy season is here, and I dread this time of year as I’ve suffered off and on. There are a lot of natural products for allergies and I’d love to say they’ve been a big help however it seems that some years my allergies still get the best of me.

Allergies are usually caused by an excess of IgE in the mucous membranes or the respiratory tract. Dust, pollens, mold, insect parts, animal dander and other things usually create the symptoms. While tests can be done the symptoms are very obvious.  

What is very helpful is trying to avoid exposure. I keep a HEPA filter in my office and home. I find cleaning the allergens out of the air to be very helpful. Also wood, tile and linoleum floors are much better than carpet which can support dust mites and store allergens such as pet dander and mold spores. It was an expensive change but was well worth it.

I take a probiotic formula that is specifically designed to support healthy bacteria in the mucous membranes of the sinuses. What it does is support healthy sinuses and helps to make sure the correct bacteria are growing in your sinuses.  I like to open the capsule and gargle before swallowing to help it colonize in the respiratory tract.

I’ve used natural nasal sprays and they are good at rinsing away any allergens. Xlear is a great nasal rinse and I use that and also herbal nasal spray to clean out my sinuses. Neti pots are another option for rinsing as it the nasal rinsing syringe. These products do a good job cleaning the sinuses. While they don’t treat allergies they are effective in cleaning the sinus passages.

This year I’ve been drinking a great deal of green tea extract and it appears to be very helpful for me. Currently I’m using a liquid green tea extract and drinking about 9 droppers full a day of the extract which has helped support my sinuses and allergies.

 Certain supplements are mast cell stabilizers which if used early appear to help allergies from manifesting. Quercetin, stinging nettles, and spirulina are examples of mast cell stabilizers and are better at being preventative than waiting till allergies have fully manifested. Butterbur extract has also been studied for allergies and has been shown to be somewhat successful.

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  1. I have allergies as well and I usually take nasal sprays with me always, since I never know when my allergies are triggered.

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