Natural Alternatives for Travel Related Nausea

There are a variety of methods that work well for nausea related to travel. Some of the over the counter medications have side effects such as drowsiness. However the natural products are free of this side effect.

Sea Bands:

Sea band work using an acupressure point that is often times stimulated to prevent nausea. Besides being helpful for travel related nausea they are helpful for nausea related to morning sickness and chemotherapy.

Sea bands are easy to use just put them on before you start to travel. Make sure the plastic stud is in the center and facing your wrist. Make sure you measure 3 finger widths down. You should almost feel where the bone drops down a bit. I also suggest that you stimulate them especially if you are feeling any nausea. Just rub the plastic stud a little to stimulate the acupuncture point.


Ginger root is often times very helpful for the nausea. You may want to take some of that on the trip and start taking a few days in advance. Usually take 500-1000 mg a day. Sea band also has a ginger gum that you can chew while traveling called Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum 24 Count by Sea-Band.

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  1. tsargalski says:

    Both the seabands and anti-nausea ginger gum have worked for me. I used the seabands for morning sickness, but have also used both products for motion sickness. My four children and I are prone to travel related nausea. We also have used lavender extract which promotes relaxation when traveling.

  2. I also experience travel related nausea. I only use oil made from lavender and mint and take certain brand of meclizine. Would love to try the sea bands and ginger gum.

  3. What causes motion sickness? I wonder why some people experience it while some do not?

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