Nutrition News: Candida, Pain, Fibromyalgia & Migraine

Candida Skin Infection Linked to Gene Defect:

It has been observed that chronic fungal (Candida) skin infections run in families. Researches from the Netherlands and Great Brittan have discovered that the STAT1 gene which is involved in immune function has a mutation in these patients.

Chronic Pain in USA over 100 Million:

A recent report states that 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at a staggering cost of 635 billion dollars a year. Most of the chronic pain isn’t well understood or treated correctly.

We find in our practice many patients suffering from chronic pain. We’ve found the Battlefield Acupuncture technique to work very well in chronic pain patients. We also found the Meriva form of curcumin to help with inflammation.

Growth Hormone Help Fibromyalgia Pain:  

A new Study shows that growth hormone may be effective in reducing fibromyalgia pain. 57% of the patients treated with growth hormone for 1 year had a 30% improvement compared to the control group.

Citocoline Helps Women’s Memory:

Citicoline a natural supplement has been found to enhance cognition in health women. It is thought that it may also possible help with cognitive decline of aging. The best results were seen in women taking 500 mg of citocoline a day.

Sublingual Feverfew-Ginger Comber Helps Migraine Sufferers:

The study published in Headache used a new product called LipiGesicM a homeopathic remedy of feverfew and ginger. The product is safe and effective according to Dr. Cady. While the study was small it is an interesting study and LipiGesicM was much more effective than placebo in treatment and prevention of migraine pain and symptoms.

Elderly Death Risk from Common Drugs:

A recent study from June 24 American Geriatrics Society looks at the impact of anticholinergic activity of many common drugs such as antidepressants and antihistamines. The side effects have a serious effect on the elderly’s risk of dying. The drugs not only have negative effects on mortality but also on cognitive function. Doctors are encouraged to avoid prescribing multiple drugs that have anticholinergic activity.

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