Obese Teens and Vitamin D Levels

Recent Study Finds High-Dose Vitamin D to be Effective for Obese Teens

Last year, after conducting in depth studies on vitamin D intake, the Institute of Medicine increased the recommended Vitamin D daily intake levels.  Following this increase, the University of Missouri conducted a study in which obese teens were given the upper level intake of 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day for a period of six months.  Researchers found that providing them with this high dosage significantly increased their levels of vitamin D

According to Catherine Peters of the University of Missouri, obese adolescents are at a greater risk than their normal weight counterparts for developing a vitamin D deficiency because it more readily absorbs into their fat stores instead of being used in the blood.  The study found that adolescents who are in the normal weight bracket only need 100 IUs of vitamin D to increase their levels whereas obese teens require 200 IUs to see the same increase. 

Recommended Dosage

Currently the Institute of Medicine recommends 600 IU of vitamin D per day for individuals under the age of 70.  The upper safety level of 4,000 IU daily was just required for obese adolescents as a higher dose was necessary to boost their deficient levels.

Vitamin D Controversy

In recent years, interest in vitamin D has increased among the general public, and concern regarding ensuring the appropriate levels becomes even more apparent with the end of Daylight Savings Time.  While many believe that North Americans get enough vitamin D and that taking vitamin D supplements may damage the health of those who have sufficient levels, studies have shown that many people are deficient and that there are significant health benefits from Vitamin D.   Particularly with obese children and teens, vitamin D supplementation is important to restore the proper levels in order to improve health.

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  1. These kind of information should be escalated or shown to people especially those teens suffering from obesity. These are the kind of things that could help them get back in shape or at least be healthy.

  2. Nowadays, people should realize if they need much vitamin D. Not only busy with their daily work!

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