Omega-3 and Fish Oil In Breast Cancer

Good news for women taking omega-3 and fish oils. Recent studies showed that women taking omega 3 may lower their risk of breast cancer.

Fish Oil and Breast Cancer

The first study published last year by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center looked at over 35,000 women that were post-menopausal. All of the women had no history of breast cancer. This group was followed over the next 6 years with questionnaires that kept track of fish oil usage. The women taking fish oil had a 32% decreased risk of developing breast cancer.

Recently Fox Chase Cancer Center published a study on the effects of fish oil on tamoxifen. The study investigated how fish oil intensified the effects of tamoxifen on mammary tumors in rats. The rats treated with both fish oil and tamoxifen had tumors that were less aggressive and became more responsive to the tamoxifen treatment.

The researchers also found that omega-3 fatty acids helped genetic expression of immune defenses against tumors.

Fish Oil and Heart Disease

Fish oil and omega-3s have also been proven to help lower the risk of heart disease, lowering triglycerides and elevating the healthy HDL cholesterol.

A recent Lewin study found that seniors who took omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil could save a lot of money in health care cost. They estimated that omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil could save 3.a billion dollars over a 5 year period of time, estimating that 384,000 coronary heart disease hospitalizations could be avoided with omega-3 fish oils.

Fish Oil and Depression

In another study omega-3 fish oils were found to be effective in treating major depression. The product used had a high dose of EPA with lower DHA and was found effective in helping patients with depression symptoms and comparable to regular antidepressant therapy. However patient who had accompanying anxiety with depression did not seem to respond as well to the omega-3 therapy.

Taking a good omega-3 fatty acid or fish oil is prudent in preventing many diseases. A new blood test is available from WebVitamins if you’re interested in determining your blood levels.

Testing your Omega-3 levels

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