Organic Apples Protect Kids from Harmful Pesticides

Organic Apples Protect Kids from Harmful Pesticides

Number one on the “Dirty Dozen” list, apples are tainted by pesticides which new studies confirm are particularly harmful to children.  Because apples are the most commonly consumed fruit for children in the U.S., they should be the first organic products parents choose to buy.

While children are at the greatest risk for suffering the harmful effects of pesticides, several studies have also confirmed that the pesticides used by commercial growers may not be safe for human consumption.  Since conventional apples are the number one culprits in terms of pesticides, buying organic apples can be the most important change you make to benefit the whole family.

Apples and Apple Products

Other apple products, such as applesauce, may contain unsafe pesticide levels, so it is wise to make an organic purchase when shopping for any apple product.   The pesticides found in these products, such as Chlorpyrifos, organophosphate (OP) pesticide, and Paraquat, have been linked to brain abnormalities in children, abnormalities in the cortex of children’s developing brains, and Parkinson’s disease respectively.

Potentially Harmful Effects of Pesticides:

  • Exposure in the Womb and in Early Childhood is Linked with Lowered IQ
  • Exposure in the Womb and in Early Childhood is Linked with Abnormalities in the Developing Brain
  • Increased Occurrences of ADHD in Children
  • Certain Pesticides May Be Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

While the extra cost of organic apples may be a deterrent to some, the added protection it provides to you and your family makes the investment well worth it.  The health benefits available to us through apples should not be forfeited because of the dangers of pesticides.  Children should be encouraged to continue eating apples for proper nutrition, and parents are urged to make wise purchasing decisions, choosing to go organic in light of the dangers of pesticides.


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  1. How would you know if there pesticides were used on the apples? They all look the same for me.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am guilty of also not being aware of how dangerous pesticides can be. I always knew they were “bad” but didn’t think they would affect me until I came across an article on how chemicals can hurt you more than then can help you that started triggering my concern. I believe a large part of the population is just like me — and we need to raise awareness in more mainstream places. I rarely hear anything about pesticides on the news. Hopefully with more articles like this circulating around, everyone will soon understand the consequences!

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