Metagenics Phyto-Multi, When You Want the Best

The new Smart Multi is called Phyto-Multi and its now available.

It’s only 1-2 tablets a day for the patient and patient price is only $34.95.

• Entirely new class of supplementation with a novel combination of phytonutrients and essential vitamins and minerals
• Scientific opinion now suggests that a simple multivitamin/mineral may not provide preferred daily support for both wellness and healthy aging
• Recharges cellular communication in favor of health
• Nourishes cells with complex array of phytonutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to support multiple health functions
• Defends cells by helping maintain DNA stability and protecting against oxidative stress from free radicals
• Designed to be the foremost nutrigenomic approach in a daily foundation nutrition to promote genetic expression of good health
• Proprietary blend of concentrated plant extracts with complex phytonutrient profiles verified by high performance chromatography testing
• Enhanced with clinically effective levels of select plant bioactives-Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene and Resveratrol and a complementary blend of essential vitamins and minerals
• Designed to support cellular health and systems throughout the body
• Concentrated formula offers powerful support in just 1 or 2 tablets daily

PhytoMulti FAQs:

Why is PhytoMulti in tablet form?

PhytoMulti is designed to deliver maximum concentrations of phytonutrient dense standardized plant extracts and generous levels of essential vitamins and minerals in one or two tablets daily. If PhytoMulti were a capsule, a daily serving would require four capsules daily instead of two. The typical capsule contains approximately 680 mg of actives whereas our tablet delivers close to 1,000 mg of actives. PhytoMulti goes through a rigorous screening. In the Metagenics Quality Assurance and Control facility, PhytoMulti is tested for disintegration time according to GMP requirements. In our Functional Medicine Research Clinic, Metagenics conducts a taste and tolerance (T&T) test as well. Those tested remarked on how easy the product is to swallow.

Why does PhytoMulti contain plant extracts rather than whole fruit and vegetable powders?

The intent of PhytoMulti is to concentrate a broad range of cell supportive mechanisms and health benefits provided by phytonutrient dense plant extracts in one or two tablets daily. To accomplish this, PhytoMulti uses full spectrum plant extracts. During processing, insoluble fiber and many carbohydrates are removed during the extraction process while active constituents are concentrated. This means greater phytonutrient concentration with accompanying vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins characteristic of the plant present in the finished material.

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