Pregnant Moms taking DHA Have Children with Fewer Colds

DHA And Pregnancy

A recent study to be published in Pediatrics done at Emory University found that women taking 400 mg / day of DHA had children with fewer cold symptoms than the placebo group.

Women who took DHA had infants that had nearly a 25% lower occurrence of colds during infancy. If the baby did develop a cold their symptoms improved faster than the placebo group.

Children get their DHA during pregnancy and by breastfeeding. The mothers who took the DHA had higher levels of DHA in both their breast milk and their blood plasma. This suggests that DHA is essential to both the fetus and infant in developing a normal and healthy immune system.

The graphs below show the difference in symptoms between the DHA group and the placebo group. (Note not on graph but at 6 months the DHA group did show increase in vomiting.)

Graphy showing Reduction of Symptoms at 3 Months Time

6 Month Reduction of Symptoms of DHA

DHA is also very important also for neurological function and it would be interesting to look at intelligence and neurological development further down the road with this same group. However the study does make clear that DHA does help the developing infant’s immune system. DHA should be a part of every mother’s prenatal routine.

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  1. I’ve also read an article that suggests taking DHA supplement derived from algae rather than fish oil. Glad to find it here in your store.

  2. Is there any way to find out if a pregnant woman is getting enough DHA?

  3. My OB also advised me to take foods rich in DHA since this is good for the baby.

  4. Cool article about colds. Colds can make you feel miserable. Therefore it is important to find remedies for this.

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