Probiotic Use May Reduce Infants’ Risk of Gastrointestinal Disorders

Infant probiotic use ‘reduces risk of gastrointestinal disorders’


Past studies have suggested that consuming probiotics on a daily basis can benefit our digestive health. And these benefits may also apply to infants, as a new study suggests that giving probiotics to children in their first 3 months of life may reduce their risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders. The research team from the Aldo Moro University of Baro in Italy, led by Dr. Flavia Indrio, says that probiotic use in infants may also lead to lower health costs associated with gastrointestinal disorders. The investigators note that since early life gastrointestinal disorders present a large morbidity burden and socioeconomic impact, further research is “urgently” needed to validate their results and create suitable interventions.

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