Realistic Weight Loss Goals, How Many Calories a Day?

Now that you have your total calories you burn daily from the Harris Benedict equation you know how many calories you need to eat to stay the same weight. Eat more you’ll gain weight, eat less and you’ll lose weight.

Weight loss goals must be realistic. I’ve heard over and over I need to lose 30 lbs in 30 days to fit in my dress. Realize that there are 3500 calories in a lb. of fat –  it isn’t realistic or usually even possible to lose that much fat in a day.

The really bad news is that there are 2500 calories in a one pound of muscle and if you are seeing a fast and quick weight loss you may be losing muscle and not fat. That’s not a good or healthy situation!

Realistic weight loss is only achieved by cutting back by 500-700 calories a day. That is only 1-1.4 lbs. of fat per week. That is what is realistic on a healthy diet. Greater weight loss is usually from muscle stores or from loss of water from the body.

Miracle diets are never miracles and often they come at a loss of muscle and water to get the spectacular results. This results in weight gain once the diet is over and the resulting loss in muscles makes losing weight that much harder the next time.

Basic training graduation (The right diet)

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  1. It is always best to lose weight the healthy way…slowly but surely!

  2. Anne, 22 says:

    This helped me understand why crash dieting is a real no-no.

  3. Yes. It’s not healthy to lose weight in a snap. And I think if you lose weight fast, it will just come back easily. Better be slow but sure.

  4. It just feels frustrating at times when you do not see immediate results…anyway, it pays to wait.

  5. Just saw this appetite suppressant on your website. Can you tell me more about this? Ty


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