Research Shows that Colostrum Extract Supports Immune Function

Research Shows that Colostrum Extract Supports Immune Function

Extensive research has been conducted over the past decade on Sterling Technology’s ingredient, Immunel, which is a concentration of immune factors derived from Colostrum.  The studies involving this ingredient examined the effects of this supplement on the immune system.

In a human clinical study, after healthy participants ingested a single dose of Immunel, researchers detected a significant increase in the participants’ phagocytic activity.  Prior to this study, Immunel was administered to mice, and after receiving a single dose, the mice were found to have a strengthened immune system and increased immune activity in the presence of bacteria and viruses.

Features of the Human Clinical Study:

  • Randomized
  • Double-Blind
  • Placebo-Controlled
  • Cross-Over Design

How Immunel Works

This nutrient works to activate cells and mobilize them to support specific immune functions. Immunel works very rapidly- within 30 minutes to two hours.  This means that it can be used to boost a healthy immune system so that it will be ready in the event that additional immune support is needed.

Immunel has undergone years of research and testing based on the knowledge that colostrum has the ability to provide immune support at the cellular level.  The components that naturally occur in colostrum form the basis for the incredibly rapid immune support that is available through Immunel.


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