Resveratrol and LDL

High-dose resveratrol may boost heart health by lowering LDL production: Human data

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A new study says daily supplements bearing resveratrol may decrease the production of compounds liable for the build-up of cholesterol in the body of overweight and obese people.

Three weeks of taking resveratrol may lower the production of apolipoprotein B(ApoB), the primary apolipoprotein of LDL cholesterol that is the agent for the transfer of cholesterol to tissues.

ApoB comes in two types; ApoB48 and ApoB100 the first one is produced in the small intestine and the latter is produced in the liver.

It has been reported that high dose of resveratrol suggestively lowered apoB-48 by 22% and apoB-100 by 27% production rates by the intestine and the liver particularly in obese and overweight men with moderate hypertriglyceridemia as was written in Arteriosclerosis,Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

According to Dr. James Betz, the managing director of Botivia, the company that produces the Transmax supplement that high dose,somewhat short term, human clinical trial reservatrol has shown to decrease the body’s production of low density lipoproteins(LDL) in the intestines and liver of the test subjects. LDLs are fat particles which are powerfully connected with the growth of both cardiovascular disease and type- 2 diabetes in humans.


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