Resveratrol for Vacular Dementia

Antioxidant effect of resveratrol in the treatment of vascular dementia


Dr Boai Zhang and team from the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhengzhou University found that resveratrol improved learning and memory ability in vascular dementia rats, decreased malonyldialdehyde levels, and increased superoxide dismutase activity and glutathione levels in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex of vascular dementia rats.Resveratrol is found in the skins of grapes, especially red grapes. Resveratrol is also found in significant quantities in the roots and stems of the polygonium cuspidatum plant or Japanese Knotweed. The roots and stems of the Japanese Knotweed are dried and used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for circulatory benefits. Most of the resveratrol supplements sold in the United States contain an extract from the polygonium cuspidatum plant. The potential benefits of resveratrol to human health and longevity is amazing.


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  1. Earl Murphy says:

    I use resveratrol as a faith supplement that it will add healthy longevity to my life. These articles are great as they support the use of resveratrol. I have been using a new nano technology type resveratrol, it is an intra-cellular liposomal resveratrol frommax health labs, after 10 months of use my eye doctor remove the astigmatism from my prescription. very cool. I think resveratrol helps many problems.

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