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Jiva™ dietary supplements consist of only all natural premium quality ingredients, with no added stimulants, MSG, gluten, wheat, or yeast. The fermented soy used in the Fermented Soy and Curcumin Phyto-Power Nutritional Beverage Mix and in the Curcumin and Fermented Soy Energy Plus capsules contains only organic, non-GMO fermented whole soy with standardized isoflavones. When you compare JIVA™ with other supplements, there is no comparison!

 JIVA’s products are based on patented, evidenced-based medicine, and are supported by world-renowned researchers and physicians. JIVA’s high quality dietary formulas combine two of the most highly respected ancient medical practices – traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine of India – with modern technology. Other nutraceutical companies may have similar products, but JIVA™ is the only product line that offers unique, research-based formulations. JIVA’s product line provides a broader nutritional profile than other isolated supplements on the market due to its synergistic formulations. The main ingredients used in JIVA™ are combined with other active and potent natural ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of the formulations. 

JIVA’s seven dietary supplements are formulated with 27 natural and powerful therapeutic ingredients, whereas many supplements on the market lack certain of these essential ingredients. JIVA’s synergistic and sophisticated formulations are in fact complete in every way, therefore meeting consumers’ needs and at a lower cost!

It is important to note that the ingredients used in JIVA™ dietary supplements have been proven to increase bioavailability and also to promote easy absorption of the bio-elements.*

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JIVA™ SUPPLEMENTS: Essence of Life, LLC. was co-founded by Dr. Vijaya Nair, a recognized expert in the field of alternative treatments for cancer and HIV/AIDS, and Omer L. Rains, a three-term California senator who met Dr. Nair at Columbia University when his brother fell ill with cancer. The JIVA™ product line includes seven evidence-based nutraceuticals that integrate the timeless practices of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine into signature, plant-based formulas. The product name, which means “essence of life” in Sanskrit, embodies the company’s mission: to provide its customers with the essence of health and well-being.



 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Anyone already tried this? I want to take dietary supplements but I’m afraid of any side effects on taking it.

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