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Recently while at a food show I tasted a variety of different foods. I’m always looking for something nutritious and delicious that is gluten free.  I stopped at the JYOTI Natural Foods booth and was pleasantly surprised by their wonderful, flavorful offerings. Jyoti produces Indian food so it is a little hot. The products are not only gluten free but are also vegetarian and preservative free. Jyoti packages their products in foil pouches, so they are more convenient than cans to drop into a bag or briefcase and carry to work. Refrigeration is not necessary.

JYOTI Natural Foods, a pioneer in the natural foods marketplace,  has been in business for 30 years. JYOTI Natural Foods was launched in 1979 by Jyoti Gupta to meet the need for high quality and healthy Indian foods.  Jyoti was not only a cook but she also has a graduate degree in nutrition.

The two products we brought in were Channa Dal and the Mung Dal with spinach. My personal favorite is the Mung Dal. It is nice and spicy and has a great flavor. The Channa Dal is not as spicy and has zucchini, carrot and tomato added. Channa Dal is the inner kernel of a chickpea from India called kala chana.

You can use both of the products as a base for stews. Cook up your favorite vegetables and meat and add the contents of the pouch and simmer to make a delicious stew. If you want to make a soup add 1 cup of water or broth and you can have a healthy and delicious soup. I just empty the pouch and warm it up as it is.

Jyoti products are made in the USA. Please note that since it is a foil pouch it is not safe for use in microwave.  Just empty the contents of pouch in sauce pan and heat and serve or empty into a microwave safe container and warm in a microwave. Usually about 1.5-2 minutes in the microwave is sufficient.

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Mung Dal with spinach 10 Ounces by Jyoti Natural Foods

Channa Dal with zucchini 10 Ounces by Jyoti Natural Foods

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