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10% Off  Widu Italian-made Hair Brushes


Quality brushes are important for proper hair care.  While hair is subjected to frequent washing and styling, it requires gentle and effective combs and brushes that clean without the risk of damage.  While many brushes with nylon or boar hair bristles can scrape the scalp and tear the hair causing split ends, Widu brushes are made with natural wooden bristles that gently and safely detangle hair.  The bristles evenly distribute the scalp’s natural oils through the hair while removing impurities, and the brushes can be used on wet or dry hair without causing breakage.

The bristles in Widu brushes are made from the wood of the hornbeam tree, which is a hard, white wood from the birch family.  This wood was chosen for its resistance to breakage and its smoothness.  Made with wood and anti-static rubber, all Widu brushes and combs are naturally hypoallergenic.

Widu brushes are handmade in Italy by native artisans, and each bristle is meticulously smoothed so the hair does not catch and tear.  Most of the combs and brushes are coated with either beeswax or purified linseed oil which protects them and keeps them in good condition, but it also further protects the hair from breakage and split ends. 

Widu brushes provide benefits for the scalp as the bristles massage the scalp without scratching and promote blood circulation which stimulates hair growth.   The brushes also help prevent flyaway hair and are a good choice to use when heat-styling. 

Widu brushes are long lasting and of exceptional quality.   From sourcing and production to the finished product, they are made with strong environmental consciousness and responsibility throughout the manufacturing process.  Great care and pride is taken in the production of these brushes, and in purchasing a Widu brush, you can be sure that you receive a high quality product. 

Save 10% of Widu till October 8th 2011. 

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  1. Invest in good hairbrushes, its really worth it!

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