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Zia Natural Skin Care is a popular brand of skin care products and natural makeup that works wonders for skin. Using vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, Zia formulates their products to provide the best care for all skin types, including extra rich and moisturizing products for dry or aging skin.  Zia offers products for everyone’s unique skin care regimens. 

Skin Care Basics

Zia offers a basic line with fresh cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants, and toners.  They are designed to refresh and nourish skin and to maintain health and youthfulness.  The Fresh Cleansing Gel is a very popular product in the skin care basics line that cleanses and purifies skin with mineral-rich sea algae.  It soothes and calms and leaves skin cleansed without stripping it of nutrients and moisture.  It is a great option for sensitive skin, but it is also good for many other skin types. 

Anti-Aging Products

Zia also has an Ultimates collection which features luxurious, antioxidant rich products that pamper skin and produce amazing results.  The moisturizers in this line provide intense hydration and deep conditioning.  Rich and gentle cleansers were created for this line to encourage younger, softer, more supple skin to emerge.  The Ultimates collection includes products for both face and body. 

Natural Makeup

In addition to the various skin care treats from Zia, there is also a natural makeup line that uses mineral pigments to produce a very natural, flawless finish.  They offer liquid foundations and pressed mineral powders in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones.  Many women love the feel of this makeup on their skin and the level of coverage it offers.  The finish is smooth and velvety and perfectly covers flaws.

Skincare for Men

While Zia has wonderful creams, cleansers and moisturizers for women, they did not forget about the men.  Quality skin care is important for everyone.  The cleansers and lotions formulated for men address men’s specific skin care needs. 


Zia Natural Skin Care offers high quality all natural products geared toward fabulous results and a luxurious skin-pampering experience.  Once you use these items, they may just become necessities. 

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