Sodium Intakes Increased in Last 10 Years

Worrying Rise In Sodium Intake In US Over Last Decade

This article in Medical News Today, discusses how over the last 10 years the intake of sodium has increased dramatically in this country. This is a great concern as sodium is known to be related to elevated blood pressure and resulting stoke and cardiovascular disease.

The greatest intake of salt is coming from grain product such as bread, cereals, and snacks. However the increases are coming from meats, fish and poultry.

We’ve talked before how parts of the country currently have nearly 50% of the population with high blood pressure. Overall over 25% of the country is suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is truly of epidemic proportions.

The simple solution to this problem is to move to a more natural diet. Eat less processed food and increase healthy vegetables and fruits. Make meat less of a focus of the diet and not only will you start lowering sodium you’ll make your body so much healthier.


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