Specialist Do Use Dietary Supplements

Many times I suggested that my friend should be taking CoQ10 as he was suffering from pain and discomfort secondary to the use of a statin drug. This person, however was afraid to do anything that his doctor didn’t tell him to do,  so he never bothered taking CoQ10.

One day while visiting with his doctor, who was a cardiologist, my friend asked, “Would it hurt me if I took Coq10?” The doctor said, “Sure go ahead, I take it and it helps relieve the pain I get from statins.” My friend was angry with the doctor because he had never mentioned this before.

A common misconception is that medical doctors are against supplementation, however, we find that a lot of doctors’ patients write us and give us the exact prescription their doctor gave them for dietary supplements.

A recent study in Nutrition Journal found that specialists commonly used supplements. The study surveyed 300 cardiologists, 300 orthopedists and 300 dermatologists. Interestingly the dermatologists were the most likely to take supplements with 75% of them using supplements for personal use. Orthopedists were a close second with 73% using supplements and cardiologists followed at 57%. So what supplements did physicians take? The more common ones were multivitamins, fish oil, and green tea.

The study found that 91% of orthopedists, 72% of cardiologists and 66% of dermatologists recommended supplements to their patients.  The specific  supplements recommended depended on the specialty, with calcium common for orthopedists and fish oil common for cardiologists.

It is too bad more doctors don’t recommend natural remedies. My friend wouldn’t have had to suffer so much with muscle pain and discomfort. The natural products industry doesn’t have the advantage of highly paid representatives coming by on a consistent basis and educating doctors. As a result many doctors aren’t aware of the new and exciting research in our industry.

Until that time we must educate ourselves if we want to know what is available in natural products.

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John Montague DC is the owner of WebVitamins. He is active in the industry and is currently president of the NPA East.


  1. I agree, some doctors don’t recommend supplements even if they’re taking it. But they should be recommending it, especially if it works for them.

  2. I had a similar case before when a friend suggested a supplement that could help my illness before. However, I’m skeptical to try it since my doctor was not the one who suggested it. After a few more visits to my doctor, I told him about the supplement my friend mentioned. And behold, he agreed that it’s a good one to take and would help my condition. I was a bit disappointed that he never mentioned it before. And he directly told me that they, doctors, don’t usually suggests herbal supplements.

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