Sports Supplement, are they Safe?

Muscle Growth Product Linked to Adverse Event by FDA

A recent article in Nutraceuticals World, discusses a dietary supplement that has been linked to at least one serious illness. The supplement called Mass Destruction has been linked to liver failure in one 28-year-old male. The supplement was reported to the FDA North Carolina Department Of Health and Human Services.

In our industry we have noted that many sports supplements seem to cause a majority of problems as far as side effects go. At WebVitamins we decided to eliminate many of the sports supplements. We feel that the best way to serve our customers is to offer quality products. We are currently reviewing a new line of sports supplements that we believe we may add. As a certified for sports and certified to be clean of any banned substances.

We want our customers to feel comfortable with what they buy at WebVitamins. We will let you know if we add this brand in the future.

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John Montague DC is the owner of WebVitamins. He is active in the industry and is currently president of the NPA East.

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