Spring Detox?

Detox the Healthy Way

While we know the health benefits from a properly designed and implemented metabolic detoxification program, many of these detox products are nothing more than a laxative or low calorie shake, containing insufficient amounts of calories, protein, and nutrients while containing potential allergens such as whey, gluten, corn and soy.   They all sound good though, right? Feel better, have more energy, clear your mind.  But are these products safe and appropriate?   

Detox is a Normal and Essential Process

The truth is, detoxification is happening constantly in our bodies and therefore should be supported all the time with good lifestyle habits such as a healthy diet, stress management and exercise.  Detox programs can be a benefit when done the right way and at the right time.  This should be determined on an individual basis and with the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.  The message here is do your homework first.

So what does detoxification refer to anyway?  The body is constantly filtering everything we take in, from the foods we consume to the hormones we produce to the exhaust fumes from that dump truck you follow to work each day.  It all has to be effectively processed, packaged and excreted.  If not, waste begins to build up.  When too much waste builds up in our bodies we feel the symptoms; headaches, muscle aches, constipation or diarrhea, mental fog, irritability, sensitivities to fragrances or fumes, just to name a few. 

The fatty tissues are where you will find the most stored toxins; a defensive measure to be liberated at a later time when the system can safely remove them.  Many detoxification products and programs simply up-regulate liver function without much regard for the GI health of an individual.  When this occurs the liver must work a two-step process. Step one is oxidation.  This happens in Phase I via Cp450 (enzymes) in which the toxin is converted to an intermediate substance (usually more toxic than the original toxin).  In step two the intermediate is converted to a water-soluble form in Phase II by binding to an amino acid group (conjugated).  When the toxin is made water-soluble it can then be excreted via the urine and feces.  The GI pH should be slightly alkaline to ensure that this occurs.  This whole process is extremely dependent on diet and specific nutrients in proper ratios, which if missing can actually cause more harm than good.

The transition seasons are a great time to cleanse the body both mentally and physically.  So, as this spring approaches and you consider doing a detoxification program, consider a few things. Do your homework, use your resources and take your time to pick the best time and most appropriate program for you.  Remember, detoxification happens all the time and should be supported accordingly. 

UltraClear Plus for Detox

ultraclear Plus pH

WebVitamins carries the only FDA evaluated detoxification program, UltraClear Plus. It is more than just a “feel good” experience. The outcome from these programs can be seen through the lens of improved blood chemistries, improved cardiovascular fitness tests, and improved cognitive and neurological test results. The results of this metabolic detoxification program can be objectively demonstrated.  Please contact WebVitamins or visit our online store for more information or to get started on this program.



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