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There is no question that bottled water has a significant impact on our environment. Back in 2001 we were producing 1.5 million tons of plastic in the bottling of over 89 billion liters of water. Plastic bottle used for water are recycled at a much lower rate than soda water bottles.

The environmental effect isn’t only from plastic that isn’t recycled but also from the energy involved in producing the bottles. Consider also the amount of petroleum used in the plastic production.  There is a considerable energy requirement used to transport the water from the place of bottling to the store, so we are using oil in making the bottle as well as in transporting the bottled water to a retail location.

You can get a quart of bottled water for a low of say 1 dollar a quart, so a gallon ends up costing you 4 dollars which is more than the current price of gasoline. Some of the bottled water today isn’t from a natural spring but actually filtered tap water. So consider that you are paying 4.00 dollars a gallon or more for what you get from the tap for probably less than a penny.

Also with bottled water you are usually drinking out of a plastic bottle. I personally don’t like the idea of drinking from plastic and try and avoid drinking anything in a plastic container.

Water Filtration

What we suggest is a combination two things to keep healthy. One is purchase a good water filter for all your drinking and cooking water. Brita filters are a good choice or the Aquasana drinking water system. We have limited quantity of the drinking system however it is something you can also get direct from Aquasana if we run out.

Stainless Drinking Container

Our second suggestion is to purchase a reusable drinking container. We like Green Planet Bottle as it utilizes both a stainless bottom and the top to keep the water from contacting plastic. The bottle comes in 3 sizes, 1000ml, 750ml and 350ml so there is a size for the entire family.

So if you purchase an ice tray designed for a water bottle and use filtered water to fill it you’ll have a nice cold drink for a long time. Don’t freeze water in the Stainless bottle because the ice will expand and break the bottle.

We hope you’ll consider making the switch to help save the environment. We are offering 50% off our already low price on Green Planet Bottle to entice you to purchase at least one for the entire family.  The offer is good till end of July 2011.

Big Sale

Save 50% on Green  Planet Bottle till end of July 2011

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