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Stress is a normal part of life, but too much stress can cause mental and physical harm. Anxiety and stress related disorders are becoming more wide spread as the world economy crumbles and tensions between countries rise. The increase in anxiety and stress disorders has encouraged scientists to try and find natural alternatives to medications to treat these disorders.

There are many known medications that will help to reduce stress and many that will treat anxiety or panic disorders, but some people will find that these medications have major side effects. These side effects are the reason that scientists have begun to look for natural remedies for stress and anxiety.


One of the most common natural remedies for stress is aswaganda. This is an ancient Indian herb that will help to protect the nervous system. Stress aswaganda has great stress relieving powers and can be compared to the strength of the powerful drugs that are used to treat depression and anxiety.

Over time our bodies become overly stressed with work and personal issues. The stress, the environmental toxins, and poor nutrition combines to create a lethal combination for the nervous system. Using aswaganda as a stress management tool will relieve the stress you feel and protect your brain cells from fast moving and poor lifestyles.

Scientists have found that using stress aswaganda for five consecutive days gives the same results of some major anti-depressants. Aswaganda is all natural, which means taking it to relieve stress and anxiety will relieve the stress without the negative side effects like some of the more popular medications.

As we age our brain cells start to degenerate. This process is sped up by prolonged stress and has been linked to cognitive difficulties. One study showed evidence that animals taking stress aswaganda had less brain degeneration, thus protecting their brains from the loss of brain cells and cognitive issues. In fact the study results indicated that the numbers of damaged brain cells were reduced by eighty percent.

The effects of aswaganda are being studied all over the world. Even scientists in Japan have begun to see the positive effects of this ancient herb and have begun to study how it can be used to treat and prevent stress. The Institute of Natural Medicine at the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University have been studying the benefits of aswaganda for about five years. They have found that this wonderful has helped to battle degenerate diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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