Vitamin E Tocotrienols and Breast Cancer

Vitamin E tocotrienol shows breast health benefits: Mouse data This article by Stephen Daniels talks about a study published in Carcinogenesis done on lab mice. The study showed that Vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may actually slow down the growth and reduce the size of breast … [Read more...]

High Fiber Diet Slows Prostate Cancer in Mice

High fiber diet halts the progression and spread of prostate cancer This article at by John Phillip discusses new research published in Cancer Prevention Research about high fiber and prostate cancer. However when you look closer you’ll see that the ingredient involved was IP6. … [Read more...]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Slow Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation (Medical News Today) Omega-3 fatty acids are known to work against all cancer cells. However, a study conducted by researchers from the Fox Chase Cancer Center showed that they actually work a lot faster on breast cancer … [Read more...]

Genes and Cancer

Patients’ Genes Seen as Future of Cancer Care This article in the New York Times by Anemona Hartocollis discusses how major medical centers around the county are studying the genome and its relationship to cancer. There is a great deal of money being invested into this work at present. The hope … [Read more...]

Vitamin A and Prostate Cancer

A defense against prostate cancer The above article in Functional Ingredients by Shara Rutberg discusses exciting research for people with prostate cancer. The research shows that Vitamin A and its related compounds may be very helpful to enhance treatment for prostate cancer. The vitamins helps … [Read more...]

Vitamin B and Breast Cancer

B vitamins can help prevent breast cancer - Natural News Great article on breast cancer conveys how a new study at University of Hawaii Cancer Center found that levels of vitamins B-6 were related to risk of invasive breast cancer. Those with highest blood levels of this form of vitamin B-6 had … [Read more...]

Calcium Plus Vitamin D May Extend Life

Calcium Plus Vitamin D May Extend Life New research suggests that calcium, when taken in combination with vitamin D, may extend the lives of seniors ages 70 and older.  Studies have found that these two nutrients work together to yield various health benefits for individuals of all ages, and … [Read more...]

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