Sodium Intakes Increased in Last 10 Years

Worrying Rise In Sodium Intake In US Over Last Decade This article in Medical News Today, discusses how over the last 10 years the intake of sodium has increased dramatically in this country. This is a great concern as sodium is known to be related to elevated blood pressure and resulting stoke and … [Read more...]

Stress Heart Disease and Diabetes

Well: Risks: Stress Tied to Heart Disease and Diabetes The article from the New York Times by Nicholas Bakalar is no big surprise. I think everyone was aware that stress was linked to heart disease however the link to diabetes hasn’t been quite so clear. However the researchers were able to … [Read more...]

Chelation Works?

Unexpected results in study of chelation The above article in The Boston Globe by Karen Weintraub, discusses the dismay of the medical community to find that chelation therapy actually had some benefit. This study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Doctors will … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Helpful in African Americans Blood Pressure

Vitamin D research is always new and changing. It seems that more and more research is showing how effective Vitamin D is in helping a wide range of diseases. Vitamin D May Lower Blood Pressure in African Americans Most people are aware of the higher rate of high blood pressure in African … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Spirulina Helps to Prevent Anemia and Improve Immune Function

Hawaiian Spirulina Helps to Prevent Anemia and Improve Immune Function In addition to the many health benefits that can result from adding spirulina to your diet, taking supplements containing Hawaiian Spirulina (a highly nutrient-rich form of spirulina) is a good option for individuals over the … [Read more...]

Calcium Plus Vitamin D May Extend Life

Calcium Plus Vitamin D May Extend Life New research suggests that calcium, when taken in combination with vitamin D, may extend the lives of seniors ages 70 and older.  Studies have found that these two nutrients work together to yield various health benefits for individuals of all ages, and … [Read more...]

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